Amanda Essex

"Nicola Joseph is health visitor for both my children, Rosa (born July 2007) and James (born November 2008).

I found becoming a mum for the first time a magical but overwhelming experience when life seemed to turn on its head. I struggled to breast feed Rosa and, whilst being desperate to get any help where I could, actually ended up feeling bombarded with conflicting information and drowning in new-mother guilt.

Nicci's regular visits at that time were a god-send. Her advice is common-sense, matter of fact and kind in equal measure. Her constant reassurance kept me on track with breast feeding whilst never making me feel under pressure and, with Nicci's unswerving support, Rosa and I eventually cracked it together and didn't look back.

I then fell pregnant with James rather sooner than planned and, again, Nicci swooped to the rescue. She guided me through weaning Rosa with practical, sensible and sensitive advice and made me feel that, actually, I could handle a six month old and chronic morning sickness, that everything was going to be fine. I am not understating the case when I say that Nicci has had an enormously positive impact on the early years of both my children. She has supported me through potty training, teething and temper tantrums (some of which were mine!) and her knowledge of infant health and nutrition is quite incredible. Most importantly, Nicci quietly imbibes you with self-confidence and a can-do attitude that make previously insurmountable issues become do-able. My young family has alot to thank her for".....

Kelly Romford

"Nicola has been a great support to me since my baby was born and has (and still is) giving me invaluable advice. She always manages to give me confidence in my ability as a mother when I doubt myself and points me in the right direction. I have found Nicola very easy to contact whether by phone or text and if she is not available she always returns my calls/texts very promptly.

Nicola helped me with breastfeeding checking that my baby was latched on properly and as with all first time mothers I was worried about how much baby was actually taking but by carrying out all the routine checks (weight gain, check consistency of poo) she helped me to overcome my concerns. She also discussed the importance of me looking after myself as a nursing mother and drinking plenty of fluids.

As with all first time mothers the subject of weaning was very confusing, what age should you wean? What are good first foods? I read many books but they all seem to confuse me even more but after a conversation with Nicola all was much clearer. Another topic which has caused me great concern is what method to use to get my baby to sleep and whether a strict routine is the better for baby. Nicola helped me to understand that actually what’s best for me and the baby may not be written in a book and I should go with my own instinct although she gave me some good pointers. Nicola is a good professional and I would definitely recommend her….. all new mothers should have one!"

Sarah Essex

My name is Sarah, I live in Essex with my husband & our twins, Freddie & Matilda.
Nicci's advice & support has been invaluable since having our babies (which are now 6 months old).

My main concern when I first consulted Nicci was breastfeeding in public, something I still hadn't done at 12 weeks and it was restricting our outings.

Nicci was able to show me lots of ways to feed discreetly & gave me ideas of what clothes would make it easier.
We ventured out for breakfast one morning to meet Nicci & without a second thought when my little girl needed feeding, I just did it & then it was my little boys turn. Just like that the fear had gone, it was Nicci that gave me the confidence to feed my children in public without worrying about it.

When it came to weaning, I turned to Nicci once again, I didn't want to start too soon and was concerned, as I knew NOTHING about weaning and hadn't had a chance to read up.
Within 90 minutes of chatting with Nicci I felt ready to take it on and I was very excited. Freddie & Matilda are successfully eating lots of different foods, weaning has become lots of fun for all of us.

So thank you Nicci, for EVERYTHING.